Usage Rights

Acceptable use of DVD programs

DVDs purchased from MindPerk may be used in both educational and business settings and may be shown to individuals or groups such as a classroom or business meeting. DVDs may also be purchased by libraries for use by teachers, students, or other patrons. They may be viewed in the library or checked out to be used by individuals, businesses, or groups. DVD content is copyrighted material and may not be duplicated, rented, sold, or broadcast.

Video Digital Rights

In addition to the above included uses, we also have two options available for purchasing digital rights for selected titles: our Corporate Digital Program and Educational Digital Rights.

Corporate Digital Program:

We have over 50 video titles available for digital delivery to corporations and organizations on a per-seat basis. You can view the list of available programs at the bottom of this page. Simply choose the DVD program that you want and the number of seats (units) you need.  The program is viewable on each team member’s computer through any web browser, or if you have an LMS system, we can seamlessly integrate our SCORM formatted video courses with your system. Our digital programs provide all the training documentation that you need, including quizzes, certificates of completion, and facilitator notes, so it’s easy to track whether team members actually complete the training.  The video training is available to each user for one year from the date of first log-in.

Pricing for the Corporate Digital Program varies based on how many seats (units) you need as described below:

# of training units                      Price / unit
1 – 1                                             $70.00
2 – 9                                             $50.00
10 – 49                                         $30.00
50 – 99                                         $20.00
100 – 499                                     $16.00
500 – 999                                     $12.00
1,000 – 4,999                               $  8.00
5,000 – 9,999                               $  5.00
10,000 – up                                  $  3.00

All of our Corporate Digital programs are offered on a per-course/per-user basis.  That way you only pay for the training your staff actually uses.  This efficient, cost-effective system guarantees you won’t waste resources on programs that never get used.  Even if you don’t immediately use the total number of courses purchased on a single order, you will have a credit that will allow you to use them anytime in the future for any training course we offer.  You can even mix and match programs to take advantage of quantity discounts.  For example, if you order 250 units of one course and 250 units of another course in the same order, you’ll pay the rate for 500 units ($12.00/unit). To purchase Corporate Digital Access, please contact us at

Educational Digital Rights:

Accredited educational institutions may purchase Educational Digital Rights.  This allows them to load the DVD content onto an institution-based server for secure digital delivery via a Classroom Management System (such as Blackboard, Angel, intranet, or an online course).

This means that instead of the DVD sitting in their library and being physically checked out by teachers or professors for use in the classroom, or by students as part of assigned learning materials, the video is digitized and made available for use through a classroom management system where the instructor can select from all of the digitized content available in the library and show it in the classroom.  Registered students could also access the content through the library system server.  In addition, since many accredited institutions are expanding their online learning courses, online instructors may select from these digitized library materials and make them available to registered students of their online course.

In all cases, the digitized content would be stored only on a secure institution server and be made available only to registered students and instructors.  The digitized content is for educational use only and may not made available to the general public.

Educational institutions must purchase both the DVD and the Educational Digital Rights license. Institutions that already own the DVD, may purchase only the Digital Rights license for each title.  Educational Digital Rights are available for selected titles only (please see the list below for availability). To purchase Educational Digital Rights, please contact us at

MindPerk DVDs with Digital Rights available:

21st Century Leadership – DVD
Accelerate Your Business – DVD
Accountability Advantage – DVD
Activating the Law of Attraction – DVD
Advanced Body Language – DVD
Best Things in Life Aren’t Things – DVD
Beyond Excellence – DVD
Cold Calling Techniques – DVD*
Connecting For Results – DVD
Conversation Strategies for Preeminence – DVD
Coyote Power – DVD
Creating Customers for Life – DVD
Creativity and Innovation – DVD*
Customer Service From the Heart – DVD
Customer Service Strategies That Work – DVD
Developing a Customer Retention Program – DVD*
Doubling Your Productivity – DVD
Emotional Branding – DVD
Essence of Success – DVD
Exceptional Thinking – DVD
Extraordinary Relationships – DVD
Extreme Leadership – DVD
Go For No! – DVD
Goal Setting Techniques That Work – DVD
Guerrilla Negotiating – DVD
High Performance Selling – DVD
How to Be a Better Trainer – DVD*
How to Design Eye-Catching Brochures – DVD*
How to Get a Million Dollars Worth of Free Publicity – DVD*
How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 – DVD*
How to Make Every Day Terrific – DVD
Keys to a Better Life – DVD
Kids Fitness Video Trio – DVD*
Live Full & Die Empty – DVD
Make My Life Easier – DVD
Memory Power – DVD
Motivation Starts With Attitude – DVD
Networking Skills That Work – DVD
Outselling Your Competition – DVD
Peak Performance Principles – DVD
Performance Driven Selling – DVD
Perpetual Achievement – DVD
Personal & Professional Leadership – DVD
Phone Power – DVD
Power of Transformational Thinking – DVD
Power of Vision – DVD
Power Talking – DVD
Power to Persuade – DVD
Profitable People Skills – DVD
Project Management – DVD
Prospect Management – DVD
Prospecting Skills That Work – DVD
Purpose, Passion & Persistence – DVD
Remarkable Communication Skills – DVD
Science of Getting Rich – DVD
Science of Positive Focus – DVD
Smart Time Management – DVD
Speaking Without Fear or Nervousness – DVD
Speed Reading – DVD
Step Up, Lead & Be The One
Strategic Achievement – DVD
Street Smart Selling and Marketing – DVD
Stress Less – DVD
Stress Management for Professionals – DVD*
Super Sales Presentations – DVD
SuperCompetent – DVD
Supreme Influence – DVD
The Fun Factor – DVD
The Les Brown Story – DVD
The MasterStream Method – DVD
The Trust Factor – DVD
The Willie Factor – DVD
Thriving on Change – DVD
Truth About Lying – DVD
Ultimate Consumer Experience – DVD
Unbreakable Laws of Self Confidence – DVD
What Do They Want? – DVD
Will to Win – DVD
Wingman Team Building & Leadership – DVD
Would You Do Business With You? – DVD

* Not available for Corporate Digital Program