Thriving on Change – DVD

Thriving on Change - DVD

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How to Create Positive Results in Turbulent Times

Change management skills are critical for organizations and individuals alike, as change has become the standard in today’s society. Whether it’s up-sizing, downsizing, changing vendors, upgrading computer systems, moving to a new location, starting in a new position, or any other deviation from the norm, there are change management tools to help facilitate the change process.

In this fast-paced change management seminar you’ll learn the skills, strategies, and belief systems necessary to take charge of change in your business, and in your personal life. You’ll discover how to anticipate, react to, or create change in any situation.

And you will experience a proven formula for processing any given change that your team or family may be going through. Plus, you’ll learn about other change management techniques that affect outcomes including focus, physiology and maintaining a high level of energy. Tremendous opportunities await those who know how to harness this whirlwind of change, and use it to their advantage.

Dr. Nate Booth received his D.D.S. degree from the University of Nebraska in 1971 and operated a private dental practice for nine years. He then earned a masters degree in counseling from the same school in 1983. For ten years, Dr. Nate Booth worked closely with Anthony Robbins, gaining wisdom, insights, and practical knowledge. With a great passion for training, Nate entered the field of professional speaking and training. Since then, he has presented nearly 2000 change management seminars and workshops to audiences around the world. His impressive list of corporate clients includes American Express, INC Magazine, Oracle, Sanyo, Honeywell, NASA and dozens of others. In addition, he is the author of the books Tiger Traits, Thriving on Change, and The Diamond Touch.  Download Note Guide

You’ll learn:

  • Six critical beliefs for effective change management
  •  How to understand the three stages of change
  •  Keys to anticipating and preparing for change
  •  To understand the roles of physiology and focus
  •  Powerful steps for creating the changes you want
  •  And much more…

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