How to Get a Million Dollars Worth of Free Publicity – DVDs

How to Get a Million Dollars Worth of Free Publicity

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5 DVD videos, 7 audio CDs, 6 PDF Books


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This comprehensive six-volume kit from publicity expert, Dian Thomas, contains all the necessary tools to get your message in front of millions–for free! You’ll learn the surprisingly simple, step-by-step formulas you can use to capture the attention of your potential customers through six proven publicity machines:

Television • Newspaper • Books • Radio
Public Relations & the Internet • Magazines

Imagine reaching your audience through FREE PUBLICITY instead of costly advertising. Dian’s techniques for working with mass media have proven successful for hundreds of organizations that have effectively incorporated her methods. This package includes 5 DVDs, 7 audio CDs and 6 eBooks covering these five publicity sources.

Learn to evaluate your media needs so you can…

  • Capture free publicity and win media exposure
  • Create a successful interview
  • Discover insightful tips for media kits
  • Target key media contacts: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines
  • Drive sales with effective media exposure

Results you can expect:

  • Find strategies to get the media attention you deserve
  • Invent an innovative news “hook”
  • Deliver the perfect sound bite
  • Avoid costly media mistakes and pitfalls
  • Make your business media-savvy
  • Learn tactics for gaining additional media opportunities

Here are the six volumes:

Volume I – Television

Million-Dollar PR - Television

Training DVD video – “You Can Be on TV, Too!” Getting in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking or invigorating. Dian will help you learn the tricks of the trade to look good, sound good and come across with personality and style. (Which is just what producers look for!)

Training audio CD – “The WOWs, HOWs and WHYs of Television” gives you an overview of the media so you know how to use it effectively for your own PR purposes.

PDF eBook – The 122 pages lead you step-by-step through the practical and incredibly simple process of getting the TV coverage you want. Eight sections lay out everything you need to know from “The Right Approach for Contacting TV Producers” to “Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome to the TV Studio!” This manual includes forms and step-by-step systems you can use to managing your TV publicity efforts.

Volume 2 – Newspapers

Million-Dollar PR - NewspapersTraining DVD video – “Extra! Extra! Read All About It” covers the basics of using newspapers today to get valuable exposure.

Training audio CD – “Read Between the Lines” provides an inside look at newspapers and how they operate. You will discover the secret of getting great exposure using the power tool of newspapers.

PDF eBook – The 143 pages will guide you step-by-step through the practical and incredibly simple process of getting the newspaper publicity you want. It draws on best practices in the industry while showing you the basic steps for media success in newspapers. 11 sections lay out everything you need to know from “Getting to Know Newspapers” to “How to Write for Papers.” Resources, samples and systems you can duplicate and use to manage your newspaper publicity efforts are included.

Volume 3 – Books

Million-Dollar PR - BooksTraining audio CD 1 – “Writing Your Book! Working with a Publisher” This is an overview of working with the companies that produce books. Discover what publishers look for and how to present your material so that you will capture their interest.

Training audio CD 2 – “Writing Your Book! Self Publishing” Writing a book can be a key to getting massive publicity. Learn the tried and tested technique from an experienced author for organizing and writing your material and then the basic steps to getting it printed.

PDF eBook – In this 262 page book, you will learn how to “dress your book for success.” Learn everything from how to “test the water” with a basic query letter and book proposal to organizing your material so that you can write and sell a bestseller. You will discover the secret of creating a book manuscript that can be used to promote you and your business to the media.

Volume 4 – Radio

Million-Dollar PR - RadioTraining DVD video – “Testing 1-2-3” gives you a radio station tour so to introduce you to the inner working of today’s radio set-ups. You don’t have to be a gawking beginner who doesn’t know what’s what!

Training audio CD – “Back to You, Dian” An interview with the interviewer™ allows you to get the inside scoop on perfect presentations. With over 5,000 media appearances under her belt, Dian can show you how to generate PR without the aid of expensive PR specialists.

PDF eBook – 146 pages loaded with the step-by-step approach to bring a radio PR campaign alive. This is from Dian’s own experiences, so you get exclusive real-life tips. Nine important sections from “Nuts and Bolts of the Interview” to “Taking Control of the Radio Airwaves.” A listing of resources forms and samples that are from Dian’s own files. Follow this model and you can get million-dollar results!

Volume 5 – Public Relations & the Internet

Million-Dollar PR - Public Relations & the InternetTraining DVD video – “The Big News is You!” is the place to begin if you’re just getting started. It’s loaded with the essential basics as well as tips from Dian’s in-the-trenches experience.

Training audio CD – “Power Communications” takes you step-by-step though the process of reaching the media though press releases, web sites, letters and phone calls. Inside secrets to reaching the media will have you on you way to media success.

PDF eBook – These 116 pages are packed with practical, professional strategies and tactics to get maximum exposure with minimum effort. You’ll also learn the “little things” that separate the pros from the amateurs. Seven key sections of essential information from “Understanding Public Relations, Advertising, News and Publicity” to “Managing and Evaluating Successful Publicity Campaigns.” Forms and samples provide the same tools Dian has used to promote her best-selling books! 12 sample press releases can be your model for instant success.

Volume 6 – Magazines

Million-Dollar PR - MagazinesTraining DVD video – “Magazine Basics” covers the fundamentals and gives you a great foundation to launch a magazine blitz to promote your product, service or organization.

Training audio CD – “Working the Magazine Market” is developed to teach techniques and a step-by-step system to get magazine articles about you and your company in key market publications. You can experience editorial success and free publicity.

PDF eBook – The 143 pages are filled with practical, professional strategies and tactics to get maximum exposure with the minimum of effort. 10 sections of essential information from “Turning Your Ideas into Articles” to “Columns and Cover Stories and beyond.” Forms and samples provide tools to copy and put to work right away as you start your campaign to get coverage in the magazines your target audience reads—right now!

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