Holding Effective Sales Meetings – webinar recording

Holding Effective Sales Meetings


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Double Your Current Production with Effective Sales Meetings

Most sales managers are at a loss as to how to hold a great sales meeting. Many think that it is a session of complaints and not really that productive. This career-changing webinar will give you the knowledge and skills to help you run the MOST EFFECTIVE sales meeting ever. It takes away the secret tricks—there aren’t any—and applies logic to the process.

If you are a sales manager, trainer, corporate executive, or sales professional, this seminar alone could help you significantly increase—perhaps even double—your current level of production. If you only attend one sales-boosting seminar this year, this is a must-attend event. Sign up today so that you can make 2012 the best sales year ever!


Stephan Schiffman,
America’s #1 Corporate Sales Trainer


  • What Is the Real Role of the Sales Manager?
  • Understanding the Sales Cycle
  • Understanding the Definition of Sales
  • How to Motivate and Coach the Sales Representative
  • Asking the Right Questions of the Representative
  • Understanding the Role of the Sales Manager
  • Breaking Through the Sales ‘Log Jam’
  • The Ten Most Important Questions to Ask of the Lead or Prospect
  • How to Forecast Accurately
  • Breaking Bad Habits Within the Sales Force
  • The Power of the Sales Team
  • Having a One-On-One With a Sales Representative
  • Helping to Close the Sale
  • Going on the Sales Meeting With the Representative
  • When All Else Fails, You Can Make the Sale Happen
  • Successful Sales Ratios
  • Did You Sell Before? Remember It Isn’t Easy
  • The Lost Sales Person; When to Let Them Go
  • Does Sales Training Really Help?
  • Why Sales People Don’t Make Sales

Instant download includes a video recording of the webinar (Mp4), an audio-only recording (MP3), and copies of the presenter slides. This allows you to review the webinar again and again.

This program was originally recorded on January 26, 2012.

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