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High-Efficiency Selling


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How Superior Sales People Get That Way

A proven program to maximize your sales.

In this indispensable new guide, sales consultant and America’s #1 corporate sales trainer Steve Schiffman reveals the methodology of High-Efficiency Selling. This innovative and solid strategy can lead to greater sales, better time management, and improved long-term business partnerships.

The bestselling author of Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) stakes outs new territory by offering a unique approach to the four phases of the sales cycle: prospecting, interviewing, presentation, and closing.

Schiffman’s breakthrough techniques help you reduce stress, develop a better long-term “fit” with customers, and — best of all — increase sales by focusing on:

  • Attitude – the single most important factor in holding on to customers
  • Creating your personal prospecting plan – making the calls, drafting attention and identification statements, delivering the request
  • Executing, refining, and developing the cold call
  • The ten commandments of contacting target companies
  • The tools, questions, and goals you need for an effective client interview
  • Simple – and effective – closing techniques

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