Guide to Everyday Negotiating – DVD

Guide to Everyday Negotiating

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Learn the skills of the world’s top negotiators!

Do you get intimidated by fast-talking automobile salespeople or pushy real estate people? Did you ever wonder if you could have gotten a better price on anything you’ve purchased? These are some of the questions everybody has asked at one time or another.

Two businesses negotiate a merger creating the largest company in the industry; two governments negotiate a peace settlement, ending border conflicts; two neighbors negotiate the sale of a drill, one getting cash, the other a needed tool.  Believe it or not, these three situations involve the same negotiating techniques; once the fundamentals are mastered, one can negotiate at any level.

In this three-part video, you will learn the basics of negotiating.  The rules and steps utilized by all successful negotiators are explained in the clearest detail

  • Part One: Learn why patience is so important and the reasons why you should always ask for more than you expect to get.
  • Part Two: Learn how to “bracket” your objective to your advantage.  Learn what it means to “flinch” and how to use this powerful technique to get instant results.
  • Part Three: Learn how to put insight and practice into your use of negotiating techniques.  Learn why the word “No” is actually one of the best opening negotiating positions.

The good news is that you not only can determine the best price on anything you want, you can also get the salesperson to want to give you the best price that they can. Roger Dawson’s Guide to Everyday Negotiating will guide you through all the necessary skills to negotiate the best possible deal for yourself in any situation, whether it’s a salary increase or professionals negotiating a hostage crisis.  Learn what it takes to get what you want.

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