Guide to Business Negotiating – DVD

Guide to Business Negotiating

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Succeed in Your Business Negotiations

Transactions make or break a business. Companies have to make purchases to create their product or service, and companies have to generate sales to gain revenue. Such transactions require negotiations, and the outcome of those negotiations are crucial to the life of the company. Therefore, knowing how to negotiate is of the utmost importance.

This three-part video, Guide to Business Negotiating, will give you the ability and confidence to get the best results from all your business negotiations.

  • Part One: Learn how to squeeze your objective out of your opponent with the Vise Gambit: become equipped to remove the other person’s resort to the Higher Authority Gambit.
  • Part Two: Learn why “splitting the difference” doesn’t have to split you from your money.  Learn how to handle the difficult problems that can arise at the negotiating table.
  • Part Three: Learn what a trade-off is and how it can influence negotiations.  learn how to play good-guy / bad-guy to gain results — even when your opponents realize what you are doing.

Don’t let other companies make you sell yourself short. Learning the steps needed to Power Negotiate, you equip yourself to add dollars to your bottom line.  By using Guide to Business Negotiating, you will know how to establish and maintain a thriving life for your business.

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