Asking Questions, Winning Sales – audio

Asking Questions, Winning Sales


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Stephan Schiffman’s classic guide to effective sales interviewing shows you how to get the information you need to develop a glove-fitting proposal, and close the deal.

In this audio program, you’ll learn the right questions to ask to win sales—and when to ask them. You’ll also learn the questions you should NEVER ask, and what to say instead.

Steve presents a logical progression of techniques and strategies to improve your results AND the customer’s experience. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or brand new to sales, you could learn more career-altering strategies from this program than you may have learned your entire sales career. Why? Because you’ll see the sales process in a very different manner.

You’ll discover:

  • How to find out why prospects are not currently buying from you
  • 5 surprising questions that can improve your sales today
  • How questions can help you design a proposal that people buy
  • Questions to flesh out the real reason for hesitancy
  • Conversational questions that reveal important information about your prospect

Stephan Schiffman has been a leader in motivational and sales training since 1979. He has trained and consulted with a wide range of organizations and trained over half-a-million sales professionals in over 9000 companies. Steve’s training is based on actual sales experiences. He has seasoned experience in the field, on the phone, and in the training room. Steve is not just someone with good ideas, his are time-tested and proven successful.

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