How to Manage Your Stress – audio

How to Manage Your Stress

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Stress has been shown to be either a cause or a factor in up to 90% of all disease. Unmanaged, it can literally destroy every aspect of your life!

Stress itself is an unavoidable part of life that comes at you daily. But you can learn to avoid distress – which is the excess amount of stress over and above that which you are adequately managing or handling well.

In this “audiotherapy” program, Dr. Broder provides you with all the tools necessary to carefully identify your stressors and then to develop strategies for managing each one. You will learn how to turn all that inevitable stress of daily life into positive motivators! And once you do, stress will permanently stop being a destructive factor to your career, your relationships, and your health!

Dr. Broder walks you through 15 proven techniques and exercises to help you arrive at that destiny you have chosen with all the necessary action steps.

In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Proven techniques to reduce stress and to stop distress immediately – in its tracks – before it can even begin to take its toll on you;
  • How to both recognize and cope with personal or job-related burnout;
  • How we put stress on ourselves and how to stop doing it;
  • How to gain mastery over your relaxation response – with exercises you can do practically anytime or place to relax;
  • How to recognize stress-producing attitudes and behavior, how to avoid their pitfalls and dangers, and how to bring about rapid changes in your life’s destructive factors.

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