How to Give Exceptional Customer Service 2000 – DVD

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A Complete Customer Service
Training Seminar

Ever wonder how an organization can get its entire work force eating, sleeping, breathing customer service – especially in an age when common courtesy, extra effort and empathy are in short supply? Ever wonder how a company comes up with the service ideas that turn its customers into avid (and unpaid!) ambassadors for its products?

Wonder no more, as Lisa Ford, customer service adviser extraordinaire, takes you behind the scenes to find out what smart organizations are doing to dazzle customers and build unbending loyalty. You’ll sit in as Lisa interviews customer service trendsetters at major corporations and observe live customer care training at some of today’s most successful companies. You’ll benefit from Lisa’s firsthand experience with what works, what doesn’t, in today’s service arena. Go “on location” to learn what companies such as Seiko, EchoStar, Men’s Wearhouse and others are doing to “wow” current customers and woo new ones with superlative service.

This exceptional video training includes role playing segments with both negative and positive examples of customer service interactions, along with commentary and evaluations of these examples.

Lisa Ford’s wisdom and advice have helped bring about dramatic customer service improvement in dozens of companies, large and small. Now she brings those same insider insights to you, in this new-from-the-ground-up version of How to Give Exceptional Customer Service, still the best-selling training video of all time.

Here are just a few of the concepts you’ll learn in this must-have training program:

Volume #1 – Understanding the Customer Service Experience

  • Why is the customer service experience so important?
  • Eye-opening statistics that build the case for exceptional service
  • The 5 dimensions of quality customer service
  • The crucial differences between service and exceptional service
  • Why indifferent service can be the worst type of service

Volume #2 – Looking Through the Customer’s Eyes

  • Perception vs. reality – find out how your customers really feel about your company
  • Identify your “points of contact” to see your service through your customers’ eyes
  • How to treat your customers as if they are always right (even when they’re wrong)
  • How to dazzle your customer by being an “outer circle fanatic”

Volume #3 – Developing Essential Customer Service Skills

  • How to become an “active listener”
  • Simple ways to build trust and make customers feel you’re “on their side”
  • “Speak your customers’ language” how to match your tone, body language and emotions to theirs
  • Add “smile power” to your phone personality

Volume #4 – Dazzling the Difficult Customer

  • Ways to avoid 4 situations that are guaranteed to drive customers away every time
  • How to use the “S.T.O.P” method to cool down angry customers
  • Learn which words and phrases trigger tempers and emotions–and what to say instead
  • How to “make the problem the enemy” not you
  • “ECS words” that customers–even furious ones–love to hear

Volume #5 – Overcoming Challenging Situations

  • The recovery process: 6 steps to help you bounce back
  • What to do when the customer is wrong (yes, it does happen sometimes)
  • 8 keys to fast, effective problem solving
  • How to deliver bad news to your customers
  • What to do when the customer demands to speak to the manager or owner
  • How to handle customers who remain unhappy, no matter what you do

Volume #6 – Establishing Winning Attitudes

  • 8 ways to maintain a positive attitude–even during end-of-day slumps
  • How to avoid “coffee break stress syndrome”
  • The “9 out of 10 rule”: Recognize how negativity affects your customer interactions
  • Use a “buddy system” to relieve workplace stress and frustration
  • The #1 essential you must bring to work every day

Volume #7 – Building Service Stars and Service Teams

  • The 7 characteristics of a customer service star (and how you can develop them)
  • The true meaning of “empowerment”–many people have it wrong
  • How to transform your work group into a supportive service team
  • Why it is important to accept chaos as part of your daily routine

Volume #8 – Creating a Powerful Corporate Culture

  • Reward, recognition, and celebrations–use them to keep your service team motivated
  • Develop a system of standards and measurements to ensure you give each customer exceptional care
  • The role of the manager: how to support, nurture, and “grow” your service staff
  • “Cheerleading” — create and keep a sense of enthusiasm and urgency in your people

Take a “behind the scenes” look at service trendsetters across the country…

Candid interviews with customer service reps, managers, supervisors and cutting-edge innovators at organizations nationwide let you see what others are doing to motivate their people, improve their customer care skills, and carve out a larger market share. These “windows” into real-world practices will help you and your people raise the bar and deliver memorable, superior service consistently.

Interactive vignettes let you try your hand at solving a variety of customer service problems. After you’ve watched a vignette, pause the DVD and think about how you’d respond in each situation. Then, restart the DVD, and watch as Lisa reveals the best choices, explains why they work, and shows how you can put them into practice at your company.

When it comes to mastering new techniques, there’s nothing quite like seeing service professionals in “live,” unrehearsed action, from phone calls to one-on-one customer contact. You’ll see how you and your team can upgrade skills and deliver “extra mile” service every time.

Perfect for rookies… a great refresher for veterans!

This must-have training program offers dozens of suggestions for doing “the same old job” better than ever.  It has been created specifically to hold viewer interest–the pace is fast, the tempo upbeat, and the entertainment value high. You’ll these DVDs time and time again to train new hires … freshen up stale service skills … boost team morale … add interest to run-of-the-mill meetings … and help your service staff develop the kind of “customer first” mentality your company needs to remain competitive in today’s service-sensitive marketplace.

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Steven July 23, 2013

Excellent video on guest relationships and customer service! Superb training.


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