Healing the Hardware of the Soul – book

Healing the Hardware of the Soul - book

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paperback (278 pages)




Your brain is the soul’s fragile dwelling place. Learn how you can optimize this very important part of yourself today.

This book is a vitally important guide to learning balancing and optimizing  all the parts of the brain responsible for inner growth, intimacy and spiritual health. It’s part soul and part science . . . developed from experience with over 14,000 brain-imaging studies of patients from all walks of life.

You’ll find recommendations including cutting edge advice on diet, nutritional supplements, and medications that can unbalance the brain when used improperly. Dramatic before-and-after pictures of the brain demonstrate the medical effectiveness of these clinically based healing techniques.

This proven program will show you how to repair and   strengthen:

  • your relationships
  • child-rearing practices
  • work and study routines
  • our soulful connections, in the deepest ways possible

Reap the personal benefits of a simple, proven Amen Brain System Checklist .   . . a 101-question self-test to evaluate the 5 brain systems that are key to optimizing the essential connection between the brain and the soul. The questionnaire identifies the problem brain areas readers may need to work on, offers insight into the degree to which these imbalances affect their lives, and   provides targeted strategies for each area of the brain involved with spiritual   issues.

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