Developing Emotional Intelligence – DVD

Developing Emotional Intelligence

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Part 2 of the Emotional Intelligence Series with Dan Goleman

Learn the subtle art of reading facial expressions and understand how our emotions are passed from one person to another almost like the common cold. Learn how “feel good” chemicals in the brain help you sync up with others and encourage rapport.

A key (and very funny) scene in the film shows how emotions play out below the surface when the actors reveal their true feelings directly into the camera, while acting like nothing is wrong with the other characters in the scene. In another scenario we see how a salesman can lose a potential customer by misreading her facial expressions. A very good film for applying the basics of both emotional and social intelligence into the real world of work.

An internationally respected psychologist, Daniel Goleman pioneered the study of Emotional Intelligence in 1995 with his ground-breaking book, Emotional Intelligence. He continues to teach and lecture on this topic to audiences in business, psychology, and education.

IQ is not the only measure of one’s abilities. On the contrary, great leaders have the ability to recognize and manage emotions in themselves and others. These skills include: knowing one’s emotions (self-awareness), managing emotions (self- regulation), recognizing emotions in others (empathy), handling relationships (social skills), and the drive to achieve (motivation). People who are Emotionally Intelligent tend to be better leaders, are more productive, earn more money, communicate better, handle change better, work well as a team, and handle stress better than those who lack these skills.

In this second DVD from the Emotional Intelligence Series, Dr. Goleman teaches you how to apply the concepts of Emotional Intelligence to everyday situations. The discussion leader then expands upon the concepts using the instruction materials included with the DVD.

This complete facilitator kit includes 1 DVD video, PowerPoint slides, leader’s guide, and bonus materials.


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Emo Girl November 13, 2012

The sketch is helpful and informative.


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