Blue Water 88 – DVD

Blue Water 88

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1 DVD Video + Subliminal Audio


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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World

Now, you can do what successful people do … Program Yourself for Success!

Blue Water 88 is a stunning combination of exotic underwater video, captivating music with Tibetan ‘throat singing’… and eight audio choices: one ‘non-subliminal track’ theme and seven subliminal theme tracks that each contain 88 healthy positive subliminal affirmations on the following topics:

  • Promoting Health & Healing
  • Producing Weight loss
  • Creating Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Enhancing Sleep & Dreams
  • Creating Wealth & prosperity
  • Promoting Intimacy
  • Releasing Stress & Anxiety

Discover how to change your level of happiness and success by replacing negative, inhibiting views with positive, affirming messages! These eight hours of powerful, positive subliminal affirmations can help you to change any aspect of your life.

Better Health

Recurring symptoms? Always coming down with something? Always feeling less then 100%? Worried about developing what your family history says you will get? These emotions will find a place in your body and actually make you sick. Blue Water 88 will change how you think about your health . . . and these new thoughts will ensure you get healthy, and stay healthy.

Weight Loss

Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you can NOT lose weight, and keep it off? Just when you’re starting to like the way you look… you’re back in the fridge? Exercise seems like such a drag. And if I don’t look good… how can I feel good? The Blue Water 88 subliminal weight-loss track goes straight to those inhibiting views… and changes them. No more medicating with food! Instead your new thoughts will help you create a new image you love! This DVD will re-wire your thoughts and make you more comfortable with yourself… and with all those around you!

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Ever said: “I’ll never be successful!” or “I’ll never develop into anything!”? Have you ever had the feeling that everything you try just doesn’t work? People don’t treat me with respect . . . so how can I have any self-esteem? Blue Water 88 will begin to delete those limiting thoughts with affirmations that change the way you think about yourself. Small changes at first will let you know you’re thinking, and acting, differently . . . and it feels so good!

Great Sleep & Enjoyable Dreams

You go to bed and just can’t turn your mind OFF? The ‘self-talk’ plays on . . . and on . . . and on. The worries become bigger, with no solutions in sight. And if you ever do get to sleep, there are no deep, relaxing, movie-like dreams? Blue water 88’s affirmations will begin to ‘re-train’ your brain to shut off and give you the rest you need to keep you emotionally and physically healthy. Soon you’ll experience deep, restful sleep, and wake up in the morning smiling at those wonderful, joyful, creative dreams.

Wealth & Prosperity

Worried that you’ll never have enough money? And, when you do get it, it never lasts? Is your brain saying: “money is bad?” Do you know your deep feelings about money? Blue Water 88’s subliminal affirmations will begin to change how you think about money. Successful people know money is just a tool. When your brain makes fewer judgments about money, that’s when you’ll be able to make, and keep, more money. And… really enjoy it.


Do you find it difficult to be ‘close’ to another person? To be truly ‘present’… able to connect at a deeper level? Is performance anxiety affecting a relationship you really want? Are you just not fulfilled with most of your relationships or otherwise? Blue Water 88 will help you rethink your views on intimacy. This DVD will re-wire your thoughts and make you more comfortable with yourself… and with all those around you!

Less Stress / Less Anxiety

Are you anxious about today… and the future? Does it just feel natural to worry, even though you know it’s eating you up? Would you like, just once, to feel CALM & PEACEFUL, to know that the challenges you face can be handled, and can even be a source of strength? Blue Water 88’s affirmations will re-program your thinking. You’ll begin to accept some boundaries… and stretch others. Challenges become sources of strength for you. You’ll become calmer, more creative, productive and peaceful.

Eight hours of audio and one hour of video!

Blue Water 88 contains seven separate one-hour subliminal audio tracks, AND one non-subliminal audio track. Choose the audio you want… when you want it! AND the audio tracks can be viewed with one hour of fabulous reef fish video shot around the world. The audio tracks can also be saved to your computer, burned to audio CDs, or transferred to a portable device for mobile listening.  Change your thoughts while you work, drive, walk, run, workout, read, or relax.  Then, watch your world change!

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Marquette Mansell June 17, 2013

Yes, we recommend that you listen every day. You can listen while watching the relaxing video. Or, you can put the audio on a portable device and listen while you are getting ready or even driving to work. If you don’t have time to listen to the complete hour each day, just be sure to get at least 15 minutes a day for maximum impact. You can watch and listen any time of day, including right before bed in the evening.


setiawan June 14, 2013

How to use it the Blue Water 88 DVD? Should I listen every morning one hour? or how? thank you


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