You Can If You Think You Can – audio

You Can If You Think You Can

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Inspiring Messages for Daily Living

Millions of people worldwide have used the uplifting messages of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to help them overcome adversity and achieve their life goals. In this remarkable, enriching work, Dr. Peale shows you how you can:

  • Solve problems by “imagining a solution” that’s already in your mind
  • Start a program that will reaffirm and boost your self-confidence
  • Build your inner health and vitality
  • Use the art of creative anticipation to get what you want from life
  • Motivate yourself
  • Believe in yourself and have confidence
  • Forget your fears
  • Make miracles happen
  • Avoid thoughts of failure
  • Draw on the resources in your mind
  • Lighten up and have a sense of humor
  • Get on top of things and stay there

Drawing on dozens of dramatic, heart-warming stories from people who have transformed their professional and personal lives, Dr. Peale demonstrates his philosophy in action, and shows how it can work for you today.

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