Use Your Brain to Change Your Age – DVD

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You Can Feel More Fit, Energized,
and Mentally Sharp

 How do you keep your youthful energy and enthusiasm long into your senior years? Most people focus on keeping their bodies strong.  That’s good.  But, cutting-edge research indicates that the health of your brain is the most important key to staying happier, healthier, more youthful looking, more alert, and fulfilled.

As we age, our brain typically reduces activity which opens the door to memory loss, depression, and even Alzheimer’s Disease.  The good news is that this trend can be stopped–or even reversed–through proper care of the body, and the brain in particular.

A healthy brain is the key to staying vibrant and alive for a long time and an unhealthy brain will take your life early.  In this powerful special DVD, clinical neuroscientist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain and help you live longer, look younger and dramatically decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s disease.  Dr. Amen’s age-defying strategies will help you:

  • Instantly stop the progress of memory loss
  • Make food choices that extend your life
  • Improve cognitive function and awareness
  • Block the signs of aging for a more youthful countenance
  • Help your brain to heal from damage caused by illnesses and environmental toxins
  • Feel more energetic than you have in years

By following the simple techniques in this video presentation, you’ll reverse the aging process so that you can feel young at any age.  Start today.

Includes the full video program as seen on PBS, plus bonus interviews and a live Q&A Session.

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