Universal Laws of Success and Achievement – audio

The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement - audio

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Have you ever wondered why achievement seems to come easily for some, and is so hard for others?  The answer is that successful people follow a set of laws that unsuccessful people don’t.  It’s just that simple, and just that complicated.

Every individual who conforms his or her life to these universal laws can expect to achieve the success that they desire.  Now, you can, too! For more than 30 years, Brian Tracy has researched and probed to discover the essential principles embodied in these laws of success. In this program, he reveals them all to you, with language and examples so unmistakably clear, you can help but learn and internalize them.  Bit by bit, you’ll begin to change your thoughts, your actions, and your outcomes.

The first Law of Success, for example, is to pay attention to cause and effect.  What action created a certain outcome?  Once you begin to discover the root actions that cause something you want (or don’t want), all you have to do is change the action to change the outcome.  Brian teaches you how to uncover root causes, and orchestrate actions that effect real change.

You’ll learn Laws that can help you in every area of your life, including:

  • Relationships and communication
  • Business creativity
  • Making decisions
  • Goal setting and visualization
  • Negotiating and empathy
  • Attracting wealth
  • Personal peace and integrity
  • Building winning habits
  • Using the empirical method to structure success

The Laws of Success and Achievement are universal principles.  That means they work every time, anywhere, under any circumstances. They have helped people down through the ages, and are essential to your success today.   There is nothing mystical or mysterious about these laws, on the contrary, they are rock-solid guideposts to help you achieve whatever you want.

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