Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide – book

Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

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Other Available Formats: Audio CDs/MP3, Paperback, Cookbook

The Information You Need to Succeed at Weight Loss

Dr. Phil McGraw opened doors for everyone who has struggled with losing weight and keeping it off with his groundbreaking plan, The Ultimate Weight Solution. Now, here is the invaluable companion volume that delivers more tested weight loss strategies, more specific food lists, and more essential information: The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide.

In his straight-talking, no-nonsense style, Dr. Phil helps you end excuse-making and start creating a no-fail environment for taking charge of your weight and your relationship with food — beginning with Dr. Phil’s new rapid start plan that will gear your body physically for accelerated weight loss.

This quick and easy reference guide also includes information on:

  • Calorie counts for all of your high- and low-response cost foods
  • Portion control
  • High-response cost, high-yield foods
  • Low-response cost, low-yield foods
  • Specific menu planning for meals and snacks
  • Hunger-suppressing/high-response cost foods
  • Recognizing weight-gaining behaviors
  • A personal food diary
  • And more!

You can’t afford to ignore the down-to-earth success strategies of Dr. Phil McGraw and The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide — your health and happiness depend on it!

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