Theta Meditation System – audio

Theta Meditation System


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2 audio CD program


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Let Go of Stress, Renew Your Spirit, Gain Insight and Intuition

It is widely accepted that meditation can result in reduced stress, greater health and a sense of calmness and balance. Studies show that in states of meditation we produce a greater quantity of slow frequency theta brainwaves. Pulses of sound embedded in this musical soundtrack activate your own Theta brainwaves and lead you easily into restful and rejuvenating meditation.

The accompanying booklet clearly explains easy-to-use meditation exercises that a beginner can do anytime. Experienced meditators can use this soundtrack to deepen and enhance their meditative practice.

CD 1: Renewal

EEG studies of meditators in this mid-theta state show increased abilities to handle stress, heightened intuition, and an enhanced sense of emotional balance.

CD 2: Insight

Within this state of deep theta, you can connect with your deepest sources of intuitive understanding and healing, gain access to a larger view of your life, and find clarity about your present circumstance.

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