The Choice – book

The Choice

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paperback (162 pages)




A Surprising New Message of Hope

Og Mandino’s most personal and powerful story explores what lies beyond the golden doors of success, fame, and wealth.  He reveals for us the most precious commodity of all: the freedom of choice–the key to a freer, richer future whose secret element is love.

Choice! The key is Choice. You  have options. You need not spend your life  wallowing in failure, ignorance, grief, poverty, shame,  and self-pity. But, hold on! If this is true then  why have so many among us apparently elected to  live in that manner? Who would be fool enough to choose failure over success, ignorance over knowledge, poverty over wealth?  No one!  So, how do we explain that vast multitude of humanity that continues to exist in hopeless mediocrity?

The answer is obvious. Those who  live in unhappy failure have never exercised their  options for a better way of life because they have  never been aware that they had any Choices!

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