The Amen Solution – Complete PBS Package

The Amen Solution - Complete PBS Package

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4 DVDs, 6 audio CDs, book, etc. Free Preview Clip    




Other Available Formats: Paperback, Audio CDs, DVDs

With this breakthrough, brain-based weight loss program, you’ll finally learn how to lose weight and keep it off—for the rest of your life. Most weight problems occur between your ears, not in your stomach. So, if you want a better body, the first place to always start is by having a better brain. Dr. Amen helps you to determine which of the 5 brain patterns that contribute to weight problems you have and teaches you how to make your brain work for you, instead of against you so that you can lose weight for good.

The Complete PBS collection contains the Amen Solution 2-DVD Set, Get Healthy 2-DVD set, Secrets to Being Thinner Smarter & Happier 6-CD set, Amen Solution Master Questionnaire, and The Amen Solution book.

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