Accountability Advantage – DVD

The Accountability Advantage - DVD


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Practical Tools for Personal & Organizational Growth

Increase Accountability, Reinforce Values, and Eliminate Excuses

Why do some succeed while others fail? It starts with eliminating excuses, eradicating justifications and taking personal accountability for choices, actions and results. It starts with accountability. In this practical program you’ll learn the four phases of accountability and the five critical, but often overlooked, ways to be proactively accountable.

You’ll learn how to increase your success and significance, both in business and in life, and you’ll take an honest look at yourself and values. You’ll also discover what road-blocks might be stopping you from achieving your goals.

These principles apply to almost every profession or industry, no matter what you are trying to achieve. By creating an organizational culture based on accountability, companies and individuals grow stronger.

Sam Silverstein is an entrepreneur, business expert, and international author whose battle cry of “No More Excuses” has been heard by companies and business professionals all over the world. As founder of The Accountability Academy, Sam Silverstein speaks internationally and consults with companies on strategic planning, leadership, personal development, and accountability. He has shared his message of proactive accountability with thousands of people on five continents, showing them how to make accountability their competitive advantage. In addition, he is a Past-President of the National Speakers Association and author of four books, including the bestselling title, No More Excuses. Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Explore the four phases of accountability
  •  Develop a strategic intent and do the right things consistently
  •  Learn five practical ways to be proactively accountable
  •  Discover the power and benefit of a mastermind group
  •  Examine your values and increase your significance

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