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The Inside Secrets to Increasing Results Through Persuasive Presentation Skills

How do you increase results through persuasive presentation skills?

Learn the secrets to sales presentations that get results! Get prospects to remember what you say, connect intellectually and emotionally, learn how to build powerful stories that sell, and learn how to be different and sound different.

Patricia Fripp explains all this and more!

  1. Life is a Series of Sales Situations
  2. You’re Not as Good as You Think
  3. Security is Knowing your Lines
  4. Get Prospects to Remember What You Say
  5. What Do Poor Sales Presentations Cost?
  6. Rehearsal is the Real Work
  7. Hollywood: Script & Rehearse
  8. Collaborate: It is Difficult to be Brilliant Alone
  9. It’s All About the Audience
  10. Structure, Content, Delivery
  11. Connect Intellectually & Emotionally
  12. Powerful Stories that Sell
  13. Be Different. Sound Different
  14. $10 Power Words
  15. Last Words Linger

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