Strategies for Success: The Goals Program – DVD

Strategies for Success: The Goals Program - DVD


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2 DVDs, 2 audio CDs + Performance Planner Free Preview Clip    




Blueprint for Personal & Professional Development

The objective of Strategies for Success: The Goals Program is to help you build a balanced life. There’s no sense becoming the richest guy in town only to lose your health, or your family, or your values. Build a Goals Program, create a balanced game plan for your life, and you’ll become the Difference Maker not only in your life, but the lives of many other people, too!

This is Zig’s most principle-packed seminar to date for personal and professional development. In this exciting program, you’ll learn Zig’s trusted methods to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. It offers a balanced blend of personal and professional development tools that are sure to jump start, strengthen and positively motivate anyone looking for success in life.

You’ll learn:

  • Four reasons why people do not set goals
  •  How to develop a Goals Program
  •  The Importance of a positive self-image
  •  How to use self-talk to build self-image
  •  The importance of discipline and commitment
  •  How to help yourself earn more money
  •  Developing belief in yourself
  •  The value of hope
  •  Zig’s formula for goal setting
  •  The types of goals to set
  •  Commitment leads to victory
  •  Building a character foundation
  •  Involving other people in your Goals Program
  •  How to measure your success
  •  The importance of maintaining the right attitude

The Performance Planner enclosed with The Goals Program is the tool that will make all the difference in setting and achieving goals and ultimately building a balanced life for yourself. Of course, the planner can’t do anything on its own. But when you begin to utilize it, following the specific directions described by Zig, you’ll soon recognize the power of this magnificent tool.

The Performance Planner is designed to help you invest time wisely so that you can manage yourself more effectively. Top achievers are results-oriented so they concentrate on achievement, and the planner helps you not just set goals, but achieve goals! This Performance Planner includes a comprehensive and usable system that is easy to follow. It’s a complete planning package, designed to generate the results you desire not just for yourself, but for your family and career, too.

As Zig says, “The more you use your planner, the more successful and happy you will become in developing your God-given potential!”

Please note: SFS The Goals Program is included in Zig Ziglar’s newly updated, complete version of Strategies For Success. If you’ve purchased Strategies For Success, the package already includes the material in Strategies for Success: The Goals Program.

Includes a Performance Planner.

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