Strategies for Success – DVD

Strategies for Success - DVD

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6 DVDs, 6 audio CDs + workbook Free Preview Clip    




Your Blueprint for Achievement

Strategies For Success is Zig Ziglar’s most dynamic, up-to-date, power-packed video package to date for personal and professional development. It is a complete blueprint for success. In this exciting 6 DVD and CD program, you’ll learn Zig’s trusted methods to living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Strategies For Success offers a balanced blend of personal and professional development tools that are sure to jump start, strengthen and positively motivate anyone looking for success in their life.

Packed with a generous sprinkling of your favorite Zig Ziglar stories and examples, coupled with exciting new material that will motivate and inspire you, this program is an up-to-date must for anyone who wants to improve their life, their work, their relationships, and their level of satisfaction and happiness.

Strategies for Success: Blueprint of Achievement contains 6 DVDs / 6 CDs with the following modules:

Building a Healthy Self-Image (1 DVD / 1 CD)

  • Why self-image and success are interwoven
  •  Self-Image – its relationship to happiness and accomplishments
  •  How changing the picture of yourself can change virtually every part of your life.
  •  Concrete steps to confront self-image problems and improve your confidence.
  •  Now you can realize your true potential.

Developing & Maintaining the Right Attitude (1 DVD / 1 CD)

  • Why your attitude makes all the difference.
  •  What the right attitude enables you to do
  •  How to be a responder instead of a reactor.
  •  How to maintain a winning attitude day in and day out.
  •  Learn to think and feel like a winner.
  •  Winners are not born – they’re made. You can train your mind and body for gain a winning edge with the right attitude.
  •  Motivation is the key to accomplishment.

Building Winning Relationships (1 DVD / 1 CD)

  • Relationships – the key to health and happiness
  •  A relationship philosophy
  •  In our hurried and self-centered culture, the real work required to keep love alive is often ignored.
  •  Practical advice to keeping love alive and avoiding the grass-is-greener syndrome.
  •  Discover that their is hope in every relationship whether is in between a couple, a parent-child relationship, or a workplace relationship
  •  Learn how to establish good communication habits to demonstrate respect, care, compassion, and sensitivity in any situation.

Hope: The Foundation For Successful Change (1 DVD / 1 CD)

  • Why hope for the future is the activator for achievement
  •  You can make radical changes in minute steps
  •  You were designed for accomplishment; you were engineered for success; you were endowed with the seeds of greatness.
  •  Sure-fire methods to rise above the troubles of life and grab hold of hope and encouragement.
  •  No matter what your present, you’ll discover things you can implement today to make your personal and professional tomorrows better.

The Goals Program (2 DVDs / 2 CDs) also available separately

  • Why a goals program is a MUST
  •  Four reasons most people don’t have a goals program
  •  Keys to living a balanced life. There’s no sense becoming the richest guy in town only to lose your health, or your family, or your values.
  •  How to build an effective Goals Program
  •  Plan, prepare, and expect to win.

And much more! Strategies for Success is so energized, so inspiring and so motivational, you’ll want to watch or listen over and over again to revitalize your attitude and to condition yourself success.

Includes a PDF workbook.

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