Sell It! With the Million Dollar Attitude – audio

Sell It! With the Million Dollar Attitude

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12 audio CDs + can of success


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A Comprehensive Sales Program by Joel Weldon, one of America’s most sought-after Sales Trainers!

One of America’s most sought-after sales trainers, Joel Weldon brings you over ELEVEN HOURS of his best ideas!  Using his characteristic style of teaching with stories, you’ll experience over 100 dynamic, entertaining-yet-to-the-point stories that illustrate how you can sell it now.

It also includes Joel’s much sought-after “million-dollar attitude” segment that has changed the lives of thousands of sales professionals world-wide.

You’ll find better prospects, build long-term customer relationships, handle tough objections, sell value not price, achieve even greater believability and trust, and close more sales!

This energetic program contains the following segments:

  1. The Willie Factor
  2. The Top 1% Club
  3. Ten To Win
  4. Amaze Your Customers
  5. Questions Are the Answer
  6. Selling the Benefits
  7. The Will Invest Line
  8. Asking for the Sale
  9. 51% Wins
  10. Responding to Objections
  11. The Million Dollar Attitude
  12. Achieving Believability

Includes 12 audio CDs, a 32-page PDF Study Guide and a Can of Success!

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