Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses – audio

Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses - audio

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Learn how to model their extraordinary abilities and make a remarkable difference in your life!

Have you ever wondered just what it takes to have the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci or the oratorical prowess of Sir Winston Churchill? What if you could tap into and actually model that special something that made them tick? You would certainly transform your life as you apply the principles inherent in their extraordinary talent and wisdom.

In Secrets of Ten Great Geniuses: How to Model the Habits of a Difference-Maker, renowned author and motivational speaker Tony Alessandra will explain what the word genius really means, what it doesn’t mean, and how you can tap into the power of the greatest minds of all time to make practical improvements in the most important areas of your life.

What exactly defines genius? One might consider a genius to be an individual who looks far beyond the scope and scale of everyday life; someone who thinks far outside the box and is willing to explore beyond the dictates of their society or those that have gone before them. In this informative and inspired program, Tony shares with you:

  • The unprecedented visionary genius of world scholar Albert Einstein.
  •  The applied genius of the infamous inventor Thomas Alva Edison.
  •  The exceptional leadership genius of former President Abraham Lincoln.
  •  The creative genius of the renowned Renaissance artist and inventor
    Leonardo da Vinci.
  •  The communication genius of the great political leader and orator
    Sir Winston Churchill.
  •  The financial genius of Peter Lynch, who built the Magellan Fund into the world’s largest mutual fund, making millionaires out of thousands of people.
  •  The physical genius of Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame athlete, Wayne Gretzky.
  •  The humorous genius of the brilliant writer and storyteller Mark Twain.
  •  The deep spiritual and oratorical genius of Martin Luther King.
  •  The philosophical genius of Helen Keller, a remarkable woman who had an extraordinary ability to overcome extreme sensory deprivation.

By listening to the true and inspiring accounts that Tony shares, you’ll see how people with immense talent combined that talent with indomitable energy and unflagging work to build a reputation worthy of mention in all of the world’s greatest history books. Once you incorporate these ten categories of genius that he discusses into your life, you can’t help but reveal the genius in yourself!

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