Secrets for Success and Happiness – book

Secrets for Success and Happiness


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paperback (310 pages)




It’s safe to say that world-famous speaker and author Og Mandino has as many friends as any man alive, thanks to his inspiring motivational lectures and his bestselling books. This new book is a special gift to all his friends, old and new, a book they may cherish above all the rest. Secrets for Success and Happiness is Og’s beautifully written journal, an intimate record of his innermost thoughts and feelings, the heartwarming events of his day-to-day life.

Whether he’s writing in his old New Hampshire farmhouse on a snowy winter day or in a hotel room just about anywhere in the country; whether he’s refilling the bird feeder, comforting a sick friend, racing to catch a plane, or planting his tomatoes; Og weaves his secrets of success into the fabric of his life and the pages of this book. He shares anecdotes, both sad and funny, and his feelings about his fan mail and the people he meets. And when trouble comes to him, he shares that, too.

Reading the pages of his journal, we as last met Og Mandino, the real person–filled with hopes and dreams, struggling with human emotions, and  responding to challenges.  Seeing the principles from his books working in a living, breathing human somehow makes them more applicable to our own lives.  This book is an amazing journey!

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