Science of Self-Discipline – audio

The Science of Self-Discipline

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At Last There’s a Way to Put an End to Procrastination and Make Self-Discipline Automatic!

Self-discipline is the ultimate key to achieving any goal and realizing any dream: losing weight … improving relationships … eliminating debt … building wealth … and more. And now, becoming highly self-disciplined is easier than you ever thought possible!

By artfully blending proven-effective techniques adopted from behavior therapy, cognitive psychology, and the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kerry Johnson has devised a program that will empower you to exercise perfect, consistent self-discipline — AUTOMATICALLY.

Kerry brings a whole new dimension to the techniques of re-framing, association/disassociation, mirroring, modeling, anchoring, and many others as applied to the world where you perhaps now dwell — the world of the undisciplined.  With his guidance, you will envision a life in which you can practice the self-discipline you seek.  And envisioning such a life is the first stop toward living it.

Learn to Control Life Instead of Life Controlling You

So many people dream of achieving great things but suffer from poor follow-through.  Kerry Johnson has packed this program with the latest techniques in applied psychology that will give new meaning to the term “self-discipline.”

In The Science of Self-Discipline, you’ll learn how to:

  • Change disbelief in your abilities into beliefs that support your dreams
  • Set personal limits in order to break the chains that hold you back
  • Reprogram your beliefs so that they are in alignment with your goals
  • Change pain, the enemy of self-discipline, into pleasure
  • Remain committed to achieving objectives through the use of self-imposed rewards
  • Alter your emotional and physical states so that they coincide with what you want to accomplish
  • Root out self-limiting fears

These principles really work.  If you’ll put these life-changing ideas into action, everything you do will be easier.  This program gives you a simple step-by-step plan for putting these powerful strategies to work in your life quickly, so you’ll start to experience fantastic results right away.

Once you’ve implemented the habits of self-discipline at the subconscious level, you will find that goal achievement becomes virtually automatic. Without even trying — almost without thinking about it — you will direct all your thoughts and actions towards what you want to accomplish, and reach it in record time.

No matter what habit you want to break … no matter what goal you want to reach … no matter how much difficulty you’ve had in the past, The Science of Self-Discipline works like magic!

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