Rules of Success – audio

Rules of Success - audio

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13 Necessary Habits to Insure Success in Your Life!

Grant Cardone’s audio program, The Rules of Success is the ultimate guide to fuel your attitude into non-stop, positive action.

This is the ultimate program for personal and financial success and will show you what it takes to take action in your life so that you can have the success you want and deserve. Thousands of people have used Grant’s Rules of Success program to increase their income, start their own business, buy their first home, get in shape, create massive financial success, and have happier more prosperous lives.

This program will show you the biggest obstacle to success is what people have taught you about success! Believe it or not success has been unnecessarily complicated so that it actually escapes your grasp. Success is not some mystical secret only known to the privileged. Grant Cardone has been studying success since the age of ten, and documents in this program those simple things you can do in order to attain success for yourself. These things are not a secret and they are not complex. If you do what is on this program, you will have success for yourself!

You will learn why some people are naturally lucky and always get what they want out of life while others never seem to realize their dreams and goals. This program is for those who are hungry and driven to lead great lives and choose to no longer settle for anything less! Whatever your career or role in life, this program will show you how to make all of your dreams come true.

These are the exact steps that Grant Cardone used in his personal life to elevate himself from a broke drug addict and mediocre salesman to the top in his field, then on to speaking to audiences all over the world, building multi-million-dollar companies from scratch, and creating a real estate portfolio worth over hundreds of millions of dollars!

The Topics in this program include:

  1. Show Up
  2.  The 100% Philosophy
  3.  Attitude of Service “Give Give Give“
  4.  Focus On Your Dreams!
  5.  Exercise – Take Care of Your Energy Unit
  6.  Food is Fuel!
  7.  Change Your Attitude with Your Thoughts and Your Words!
  8.  Personal Growth – The More You Learn The More You Earn
  9.  Take Responsibility for All Results
  10. Keep Moving Forward
  11.  Prosperity Attitude
  12.  Consistency
  13. Go For Failure

With the 13 strategy-packed discs, these rules will guarantee you the attitude, approach, and confidence to grab hold of that success and make you realize that these rules weren’t made to be broken.

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