Quick & Easy Way to Effective Public Speaking – book

Quick & Easy Way to Effective Public Speaking - book


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paperback (221 pages)




Dale Carnegie felt that the best way to develop self confidence and success was through developing public speaking skills. Now, you can put your ideas across effectively and put yourself across at the same time. This classic book can put you on the highway to greater accomplishment and success and show you how to have maximum impact as a speaker–everyday, and in every situation that demands winning others over to your point of view.

Exchange self-consciousness for self-confidence. Learn how to persuade, to get action, to inform, to impress and convince, to entertain. Dale Carnegie’s easy-to-master five-step program will show you how to be a powerful, effective speaker.

You’ll improve in all areas of public communication, including:

  • Chairing or addressing a meeting
  •  Convincing a purchasing committee that your product is best
  •  Teaching a method or expaining a subject
  •  Making a fund-raising speech
  •  Accepting an award
  •  Speaking at social gatherings

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