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The Psychology of Achievement

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Develop the Top Achiever’s Mindset

What goes on inside the minds of the people you admire most — those who have reached breathtaking levels of achievement?  Do they have special mental talents that average people could never hope to emulate?  To be sure some do.  Most, however, get by with ordinary talents.  Most overachievers simply have a persistent ability to come out on top.

But, where does this ability come from ?  What inner drive propels them far beyond the lives of ordinary people?

If only someone could tell you that.

Brian Tracy can!  He has spent a lifetime studying success.  The Psychology of Achievement is an inside look at the thinking that leads to great achievement.  He provides the techniques that can help you transform the way you think and act for higher success and achievement.

Drawing on the work of leading psychologists and behavioral researchers, The Psychology of Achievement demonstrates the attitude, the deep self-knowledge and pin-pointed goals that are important factors in achieving great success, plus many other factors you may not expect!

Brian teaches you how to identify your own “area of excellence.”  how to employ the special creative powers you were born with, and how to release the overachiever within you from the artificial chains of fear, self doubt, and inertia.

But the secret, of course, is not knowing how other people do it, but how you will do it.  You’ll determine what really makes you tick — deep down inside.  What makes you desire to achieve.  And how you can increase the quality and quantity of your success.

The Psychology of Achievement was developed to help you find answers for yourself.  To develop the mind of an achiever.  You’ll learn:

  • A 4-step formula for eliminating worry
  • 6 points of truly effective time management
  • How to sharpen your natural intuition
  • How to increase your brain power
  • 6 basic requirements for true success
  • 3 ways to accelerate personal development
  • 4 techniques for rapid mental re-programming
  • How to change thoughts from negative to positive
  • 7 Questions to ask before setting goals
  • How to break bad habits quickly and painlessly

Yes, you can start over and reach any goal you set for yourself.  You can take control of your life.  You can make things happen and reach the great aspirations you know you deserve.

Each time you listen to The Psychology of Achievement, you’ll be reminded of the practical advice that leads to extraordinary results.  Let “success mentor,” Brian Tracy, teach you how to use every ounce of your potential.

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