Preparing & Presenting Powerful Talks – DVD

Preparing & Presenting Powerful Talks - DVD


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1 DVD video (75 min) Free Preview Clip    




How to Transform Your Speech Content and Delivery

Watch and Learn How to Captivate an Audience.  Executive speech coach, award-winning keynote speaker, and in-demand sales trainer, Patricia Fripp, simplifies and demystifies the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in public. Executives, sales teams and even high-fee professional speakers can benefit from this DVD which presented live at Toastmaster’s International Convention opening general session.

You will learn:

  • The three key elements of every effective presentation
  •  How to improve listener buy-in for yor point of view
  •  How to immediately engage every audience
  •  How to speak to be remembered and repeated
  •  How to emotionally and intellectually connect with every audience
  •  4 effective ways to open your presentation
  •  5 powerful ways to create original content
  •  The perfect formula to design every speech

You will hear the actual voices of legendary comedians: Jack Benny, Woody Allen, and Jonny Carson, and more!

“Wow! I was blown away! I have been a Toastmaster for seven years and I recently purchased a copy of your keynote address at the 2001 Toastmasters International Convention. Your insights and observations, and your relationship with the audience were extraordinary – a spectacular, orchestrated display of colorful starbursts – informative and energizing. I learned much.”
—Cliff Corenblith

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