Power of Vision – DVD

Power of Vision - DVD

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1 DVD video (125 min) - Jan 2004 Free Preview Clip    


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How to Remove Roadblocks and Conquer Your Dreams

If you’re looking for a simple formula to help you get a clearer vision for your life, and achieve it more rapidly, this program is for you. Michael Wickett shows us how our unlimited potential (18 billion available brain cells) means nothing unless we use it effectively.You’ll discover tools practiced by some of the most successful people to overcome obstacles and achieve even greater levels of success. And all of this comes to you from a man known for his explosive enthusiasm, continuous motivation, and original humor.

This exciting and idea loaded program will help you to achieve greater focus, higher levels of happiness, and a new vision in alignment with your most important goals.

Michael Wickett is one of America’s best kept secrets. He is the author of numerous commercially produced and corporate training programs, and was named the best motivational speaker in America, along with Zig Ziglar. His credentials are many including a client list that reads like the Who’s Who in American business.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn how to:

  • Release the blocks that could be holding you back
  •  Tap into even more of your unlimited potential
  •  Learn the major characteristic of geniuses
  •  Design your ideal life and make it happen
  •  Discover your most valuable power and how to use it

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