Power of the Mind to Heal – audio

Power of the Mind to Heal

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You hold the key to physical, emotional and spiritual healing within your remarkable mind

The process of healing is one of self-realization. It is a peeling away from the fears, concepts and negativity that obscure the light of our own true nature and its innate essence of compassion, creativity, wisdom and love. As negativity is transformed, the physical body often
heals as well.

Life is an exacting teacher, constantly challenging you to transcend your fears and find your essence. Broken relationships, shattered faith and death itself invite you to find an inner wellspring of strength and understanding—a living spirituality. In the process, you recognize that your growth contributes to the growth of all beings—that healing is a powerful act of service for the world.

Drawn both from modern psychology and the great spiritual traditions of the world, The Power of the Mind to Heal is an audio guide that presents transformative methods of overcoming negative patterns and finding the higher self.

You will participate in thought provoking exercises and guided meditations that provide a path for emotional healing and daily spiritual practice.

Dr. Borysenko, A Harvard-trained medical scientist as well as an expert in psychology and mind/body medicine—teaches through compelling examples and deeply moving stories.

Listen as Dr. Borysenko teaches you to:

  • Gain greater inner peace through insight into the meaning of your experiences.
  • Develop a spiritual framework that can transform your life and relationships.
  • Understand your ego and the way it creates fear.
  • Learn to overcome fear and experience the peace, wisdom, joy and love of your own true nature, your higher self.
  • Liberate yourself from feelings of guilt, blame and remorse.
  • Develop a philosophy of compassion and forgiveness—for others and yourself.
  • Develop a daily practice of meditation and prayer that will strengthen your conscious connection to the Divine.

You will be delighted, inspired, instructed and uplifted. Work with this program and you can help heal obstructing emotional patterns. Commit to a practice of mindfulness, meditation and prayer and you can heal not only your own soul, but become a healing influence on others as well.

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