Power of the 7 Habits – audio

The Power of the 7 Habits - audio

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Understanding and Applying the 7 Habits

In this program, Dr. Stephen R. Covey summarizes, then enhances your understanding of, the essential principles of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People so that they can effect real change in your life.  You’ll learn that the habits work on many levels.  As you continually grow and improve, they take on new significance, allowing you to advance to higher and higher levels of effectiveness.

Inside, you’ll delve into:

  • An easy-to-grasp summary of the 7 Habits
  • Ineffectiveness contrasted with effectiveness
  • How the 7 Habits are interconnected and interdependent
  • Becoming principle-centered
  • The ecosystem of habits – external vs. internal
  • Basic characteristics of good mission statements
  • The power of planning – making your mission statement reality
  • Empowerment – a result of living by your mission statement and trusting others
  • Sharpening the saw – the habit of continuous renewal and improvement
  • Applying action steps

Dr. Covey also uses the four quadrants to illustrate how the habits help you to develop mentally, physically, intellectually, and socially.  As you re-discover these concepts, you’ll be able to align your goals with your true values, map out your objectives, and reach your goals.

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