Personal and Professional Leadership – DVD

Personal and Professional Leadership - DVD


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Getting Yourself and Others
to the Go-Side of Life

The people that you lead are looking to you for answers. They want to know, “Where are we going, how are we going to get there, and what does the future look like?” If you have kids, they want to know the same things. In this inspiring program, master speaker Tom Flick uses powerful stories and relevant examples to get you thinking about the big important questions that every leader needs to ask. He discusses the critical characteristics of effective leaders, and explains how they can communicate their vision in a compelling manner that rallies people together to tackle their cause. From heartwarming stories to hard-hitting realities, this program is filled with motivating ideas, and inspirational messages for leading at a higher level.

From average beginnings to all-star performances, Tom Flick reached his goal of playing in the NFL when the Washington Redskins drafted him in 1981. Prior to his seven years in the NFL, Tom was an All-American quarterback for the University of Washington Huskies. Since 1988, Tom Flick has tackled the business world with the same focus and spirit that earned him honors as a collegiate and professional quarterback. He addresses over 60,000 men and women each year on high performance strategies for leadership, teamwork, change, and personal growth. His clients include Microsoft, Starbucks, Shell Oil, and Ritz-Carlton Hotels. An avid fly-fisherman, golfer and reader, Tom Flick is most proud of his role as husband and father.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn:

  • Critical questions every leader needs to ask
  •  The importance of taking full responsibility
  •  The differences between managing and leading
  •  How anyone on the team can act like a leader
  •  To have a vision that the organization can clearly see

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