Perpetual Achievement – DVD

Perpetual Achievement - DVD

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How to Succeed When Times are Good, Bad or In Between

Whether the economy is up, down, rising or falling influences your success—to a degree. What matters even more is something within your direct control: your economy, the economy of one. In this stirring presentation, internationally renowned speaker Mark Sanborn shares mindsets and methods that will keep you winning, growing and succeeding, no matter what’s going on in your world.

You’ll learn practical ideas to overcome obstacles, create value, innovate continuously, connect with key contacts, practice gratitude and much more. And it’s not just a “feel good” seminar. These strategies will inspire, inform, and help you generate the results you need to create perpetual achievement in every area of your life.

Mark Sanborn is an international bestselling author and noted authority on leadership and customer service. Mark has served as the president of the National Speakers Association and is one of the youngest speakers ever to be inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Mark has authored eight books and nearly two dozen audio and video training programs including the bestselling books The Fred Factor, You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader and The Encore Effect. In 2007 Mark was awarded the Ambassador of Free Enterprise Award by Sales & Marketing Executives International. His impressive list of more than 2400 clients includes Harley Davidson, Costco, ESPN, First Data and Cisco.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn:

  • Understand the barriers that may be holding you back
  •  Discover the 3 mindsets that determine your success
  •  Embrace discipline to turn ideas into tangible results
  •  Strengthen the contacts that matter to you most
  •  Innovate and add value to what you’re already doing

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