One-On-One Coaching with Bill Mansell

One-On-One Coaching with Bill Mansell

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1-on-1 Coaching (4 sessions / month)


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Business, Success, and Life Coaching with Bill Mansell

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  • Do you  feel “stuck” unable to grow and progress?
  • Are your personal goals stagnating?
  • Do you lack the motivation or specific skills needed to advance your career?
  • Are your personal relationships as fulfilling as you would like?
  • Do you feel emotionally out of balance?
  • Would you like to be happier, healthier, and more prosperous?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, personal coaching could be for you.  You’ll want a coach with proven experience in business and life strategies that can help you to get to the next level?

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Bill Mansell is president of MindPerk, Inc.  He has over 25 years of experience in personal coaching, sales training, and business consulting.  Bill has helped countless individuals to improve their lives and careers, including:

  • Doubling their sales volume and skyrocketing their income
  • Achieving goals that seemed impossible
  • Re-Energizing and balancing their lives
  • Losing over 100 pounds and feeling great

Now, it’s your turn.  Personal one-on-one coaching can give you the edge that you need to elevate your success in every area of life.  You’ll discover the answers that are already inside you and develop an individualized success program to help you break free and achieve what you truly want out of life.

Coaching is similar to consulting, but instead of focusing on just one area of life, coaching takes a more balanced and custom approach that address all of the areas that need improvement.  This speeds up your growth and skyrockets your career.

Bill can help you with:

  • New and Small Business Coaching
  • Life/Success Coaching
  • Improving Relationships
  • Advanced Goal Planning
  • Sales Training and Closing Skills
  • Stress and Anxiety Management, Emotional Strength
  • Health & Weight Loss
  • eCommerce Success
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

On your free, one-on-one coaching session.  You’ll get Bill’s full energy toward helping you move forward.  He’ll give you the same great strategies he gives to his regular coaching clients. If you like what you experience and you want to continue with more coaching, great.  If not, you’ll leave with a renewed focus and some amazing tools to help you move forward.

Here’s what you’ll do in your free session:

  • Analyze the things you really want out of life and hone in on the most important changes you need to make right now in order to get them — fast.
  • Discover why most people, deep down, hate goals.  And, learn an amazing technique that will not only help you set clear objectives, but will help you get motivated and stay motivated until you reach them.
  • Discuss your concerns, address your challenges, and help you map out a plan for success.
  • Finally, you’ll learn the one amazing thing you can do every day that will change the game for you and rocket you toward your amazing future.

Sign up today for a FREE, no obligation, introductory coaching session.  Just contact us at 801-943-3590 or email to schedule your Free Personal Coaching Session.

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ANIL KUMAR SHUKLA March 15, 2018

I would love to have on-to-one free sessions with Bill.
please arrange!!


Kashif February 21, 2018

I have worked at high profile contractual jobs and currently stuck in a dead end perminent job. What do I need to do to succeed in my current job and market myself for future assignments.


Meenakshisundaram Manickam January 27, 2017

I am interested in free One-on-One Coaching please contact.


nelson christian August 8, 2016

am christian by name from Nigeria i will be very grateful learning everything there is to learn from your umbrella. to add value not just to my nation but also globally and i promise to be adhesive to apply your rules effectively. eagerly looking forward for your approval.
goal setting
if possible 80\20 principle and etc….
thank you.


EDWIN ADULUGBA August 5, 2016

i want to join


patrick kuria June 28, 2016

I need coaching on sales training and closing sales


Angelique May 3, 2016

I need coaching on becoming successfull in all areas in my life.


Tshepang July 21, 2015

I am a hard worker


Iris March 14, 2015

I need coaching in my marriage life and in business moreover my self esteem. i need to be productive i have good ideas but i do not act to make things happen.


Joshua July 31, 2014

Am stuck and i badly need your help


kristina July 24, 2014

Pls reply to me, I would like to have free coaching session with Bill.
Help with my job.


Roger July 16, 2014

i need coaching on starting my own business, leadership and personal growth



santosh May 1, 2014

hi m very interested


Javier Perrin April 17, 2014

I’m interested in your service.Please contact me.


John Taylor March 24, 2014


I’m interested in your service. Please contact me.



Ronald Phillips March 24, 2014

Hi, I am very interested in your Service, please send more data to me.


joseph danladi January 3, 2014

I need the one-on-0ne Coaching with Bill desperately, so that I will be more productive in my family, work and ministry. Thanks Bill.


magellan December 11, 2013

I need this!


Tania December 5, 2013

I just need help being positive and motivated!


Bertha Richardson October 29, 2013


I’m interested on your products.


Kristine October 26, 2013

My dream is to help people with disabilities. I want to start my own business. Please help me walk with God on the right path.


sally kuester June 21, 2013

Life changing. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Bill and for my daily sessions with the MindWalking program. Thanks Bill!


Sampson Akpan Friday June 8, 2013

Coaching one-on-one with Bill helps me improve my self confidence and eliminate the challenges of nervousness while doing presentations.


Sam Gordon June 6, 2013

Thanks! I needed to learn how to confront my negative side so that I could even start to think positive. Feed my mind with the good stuff to get rid of the bad stuff.


Mwale Eric April 30, 2013

i need coaching on starting my own business, leadership and personal growth


Micah March 28, 2013

I’ve been doing the One-on-One Coaching with Bill for one month now and all I can say is I LOVE IT!! It has been the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I’m much more productive at work and my personal life has improved as well. Just the other day a friend stopped me and told me how good I look and how I seemed so much happier. That’s because I am happier. 🙂 I look forward to my weekly sessions with Bill and for my daily sessions with the MindWalk program. Thanks Bill!


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