NLP: New Technology of Achievement – audio

NLP: New Technology of Achievement

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Change lifelong patterns of behavior
in minutes, using this proven hi-tech psychology

In recent years, a hi-tech psychology has been developed. This approach to understanding and utilizing ourselves is entirely new. Where old systems of personal growth and achievement took years — years of struggling with yourself to make deep and lasting changes — this hi-tech psychology has been proven to change lifelong patterns of behavior in minutes!

This means you can break negative habits and learn new, positive habits in no time.

It means that you can program yourself for success by using the new psychology to enhance your performance and attitude in any area of your life. And you can do it all incredibly fast.

Learn the awesome power of self-mastery — now made easier than ever before through science and technology.

This hi-tech psychology has been referred to as “magic in action” and “practical magic.” But it’s really science — which looks like magic until we understand it.

It’s a story you may have heard before. But it’s not a technology you should consider lightly. Candidly, it is a must-have knowledge you should be using on a daily basis.

The psychology was developed primarily by two scientists at the University of Santa Cruz. Richard Bandler, a psychologist and information scientist, and John Grinder, a linguist. They called their discoveries “neurolinguistic programming,” or NLP.

Psychologists who came to study with Bandler and Grinder called them “magicians” — creating permanent changes in people in minutes. And NLP does seem like magic when you see allergic reactions disappear in minutes, lifelong fears vanish almost instantly, and tremendous increases in performance and learning in a fraction of the time you’d expect.

These two remarkable scientists were naturally inundated with requests to teach their techniques — requests they simply couldn’t keep up with. So they set up a certified training program to teach the skills of NLP.

But the beauty of NLP is that it is not just for psychologists.

NLP is for anyone who wants to learn how to consciously reprogram his or her life based on his or her own choices — instead of tolerating a life based on the old patterns that we have all been handed by others when we were children.

NLP breaks away from the idea of running to a psychologist with your problems or aspirations. Instead, NLP teaches you how to consciously and effectively run your own mind and body for the results you want to achieve — how to change your own patterns — how to develop in the ways you choose. Once NLP skills are learned, you are truly your own master in a way that people have dreamed about for ages.

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement

In answer to the tremendous demand for NLP training, several certified NLP training centers have been set up in different parts of the country. The largest center — one of the most highly respected — is NLP Comprehensive in Colorado. For several thousands of dollars you could go there and be trained in this technology of success and personal growth.

Or, you could use an audio seminar developed by NLP Comprehensive right in your own home for a full month. And you could do it spending only $1.00.

The New Technology of Achievement is a self-study NLP training program designed by expert trainers to give you the essential NLP skills.

You learn the same NLP techniques that have been successfully applied by the Armed Forces and major corporations such as IBM, McDonald’s Corporation, and many others — as well as by psychologists, professional coaches, and other trainers on the leading edge of human excellence.

NLP: The New Technology of Achievement
is actually a totally different way of
understanding and using your mind.

Older systems of psychology try to analyze what takes place inside of us — our motivations, fears, etc. But NLP actually looks at how things take place in you. It deals with the actual processes of your thoughts and feeling — instead of laboriously cataloguing what those thoughts and feelings are.

NLP’s truly great contribution to human achievement is the discovery that by consciously changing the way you think, you actually change what you think and feel.

Remove lifelong blocks to achievement in minutes.

Here’s a simple example of NLP technology. By using NLP techniques, you create a mental image of something that makes you feel bad. Then, you can permanently decrease or totally nullify the impact of that situation or event by making the mental image itself smaller, darker, and farther away. NLP teaches you exactly how to manipulate your mental images to produce the desired result.

Instead of taking years to “uncover the reason” for your unpleasant feelings — things that block your achievement — NLP changes the way you think about the unpleasantness and removes the feeling permanently in just a few minutes.

Imagine the incredible power for self-change this gives you. Imagine using NLP process-oriented techniques to lose weight, stop smoking, remove fears, be motivated at will — you name it.

The NLP Shortcut to Success

NLP teaches you how the mind/body computer works. It enables you to study any top achiever in any field and acquire a large portion of that person’s know-how in a fraction of the time it took him or her.

NLP techniques put any kind of performance under a microscope. NLP techniques teach you the precise things to watch for so that you are able to duplicate the mind/body processes of any top achiever you are observing … and that means you will be able to duplicate his or her performance.

The NLP shortcut to success has been proven by major corporations and the U.S. Army to cut training times by as much as 50 percent!

And in the area of human relations and rapport building — critical success skills — NLP makes additional unique contributions. Specific verbal and nonverbal NLP techniques enable you to create a feeling of trust and familiarity with total strangers, in minutes!

Here’s the great reality about NLP: If one person can do something, anyone else can learn how to do it! Now, human excellence can be systematically studied, then reproduced. Just as you can learn to ski, drive, or use a computer, so too can you learn to apply the core achievement skills: motivation, persuasion, confidence and self-esteem.

In this program, some of the nation’s outstanding NLP trainers will share the same strategies they have taught thousands of NLP Comprehensive seminar participants. You’ll learn:

  • How your motivation strategy works and how to use it at will
  • How to eliminate past limitations and gain confidence in your future
  • How to set your goals and future mission
  • How to apply specific processes to gain deep self-appreciation and self-esteem

Because NLP processes are universal, you can apply them to every area of your life. Our trainers will guide you in applying the processes so you can attain a lasting positive outlook and increase your peak performances.

Enjoy the path you have selected—the NLP path—to the rewards of greater personal achievement.

In this learning experience, you’re guided by authorized NLP Comprehensive trainers, including: Charles Faulkner, Gerry Schmidt, Ph.D., Dr. Robert McDonald, Tim Hallbom, M.S.W., Suzi Smith, M.D., and Kelly Gerling, Ph.D.

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