New Dynamics of Goal Setting – audio

New Dynamics of Goal Setting - audio


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The Future Belongs to the Flexible: Learn to achieve your goals in a rapidly changing world!

It’s a brave new world out there, one requiring brave new ways to succeed. Listen to this informative seminar featuring state-of-the-art science, success psychology, and up-to-the-minute insights designed to propel you into the 21st century.

The New Dynamics of Goal Setting will not only put you on track toward achieving your success, but it will help you remain flexible and focused no matter how your career changes, no matter what obstacles or opportunities may confront you.

Technological advances, economic uncertainty, and shifting markets combine, accelerating the pace of change. Traditional planning strategies have become inadequate. Expectations based on past performance may even be counterproductive. You need strategies that can expect and anticipate change.
Using the Flextactics System, this program is designed for high-performance individuals like you, who know your primary goals in life and want to learn new strategies that will help you reach them. Flextactics helps you see the future as a great adventure, welcoming change and thriving on challenge.

The secret, according to success-expert Denis Waitley, is to create your own patterns out of the chaos—to fit each new circumstance into your plan for achieving your ultimate goals. By learning to expect the unexpected, your goals become more attainable.

By listening to this unique program and utilizing the Flex Planner, you’ll learn how to:

  • Set and achieve all of your life goals—especially in a rapidly changing environment
  •  Use the 21-step time-management system to maximize your productivity
  •  Overcome unexpected obstacles and transform them into opportunities
  •  Employ the 4 common denominators shared by successful achievers
  •  Examine your core desires and tap into undiscovered talents to plan your life goals
  •  Put the 7 methods for making your job more satisfying to work for you
  •  Organize, assess, and prioritize your goals to create more efficient strategies

As companies become leaner and jobs become less permanent, your challenge is to adopt a new outlook and a flowing, flexible course which assures your success and makes it more frequent and enduring.

The key to success in the new millennium is how you set and pursue goals—a pursuit that demands The New Dynamics of Goal Setting.

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