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Mission: Success!


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A Breathtaking Personal Message of Hope and Happiness for a Successful Life

In none of his previous books has Og Mandino ever drawn on his experiences as a flying officer wit the Eighth Air Force in England during World War II.  In this remarkable new novel, set in wartime London, he has fashioned a gripping tale into an inspirational success story that will give new hope and fresh perspective on life to his millions of readers.  And within the story is a special gift, “The Seeds of Success,” that we can all use to achieve any worthwhile goal and make success and fulfillment our own…

A success book that both motivates and entertains, this is the gripping story of a World War II bombardier who is granted a very special gift–the gift of success–which he now shares with us all.

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chezza January 15, 2013

I have been a supporter of Og’s books for many years. Initially, I was introduced to Og’s books through a counselor who was helping me get through a very bad divorce as well as being a single parent of 2. This particular book was given to me by my counselor and I was instructed to go home, read the book and have a think. Well, I can tell you, I did more than think. I was inspired beyond anything I had ever known. Quite literally, I changed my life overnight! I have purchased this book time and time again to give to others. What better gift is there to give?

In 2001, (approx) I posted a letter to Og asking if he would consider coming to a secondary school I was teaching at to give a motivational speech. Two to three weeks later I received a letter in the post from Mrs Og!! Upon opening the letter I was told of Og’s passing. Initially I was stunned and saddened. After a good few days, I sat back and thought, Mrs Og took the time to respond to my letter which I know could not have been easy for her. Again, I was inspired!! Og was such a great man and a huge influence on my life. What I learned from him I have passed onto my children….A gift that never stops giving. I highly recommend this book and can assure you, once you turn page one, you will not be able to put it down!!!

Much success and happiness! xx


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