Little Red Book of Selling – CD

Little Red Book of Selling


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12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness:
How to Make Sales FOREVER

Jeffrey Gitomer’s bestselling books have sold over two million copies worldwide and none has helped more salespeople gain a competitive advantage than the first in his blockbuster Little Book series, The Little Red Book of Selling.  Now, he brings his classic bestseller to audio with the same energy, insight and attitude that have made him the world’s #1 expert on selling.

Sharing strategies and answers from a lifetime of selling, Jeffrey has packed The Little Red Book of Selling with the information you’ve been searching for.  You’ll learn a philosophy of success — long term, relationship-driven, and referral-oriented — that has nothing to do with manipulation or other old-world sales tactics, and has everything to do with understanding buying motives and taking ethical, relationship-building actions.

Designed to help you transfer its priceless information into sales success, The Little Red Book of Selling gives you the gold in bite-size chunks, so you can absorb the nuggets anywhere, at any time, and try them out right away.  In his inimitably funny, edgy and in-you-face style, Jeffrey tells you:

  • Why Sales happen
  • How to master the elements of the positive sale
  • How to make sales forever

Master Jeffrey’s 12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness, and you’ll be making sales for the moment and for the rest of your life.

Jeffrey’s lively presentation of the unabridged audiobook – a piece of sales performance art you’ll want to experience again and again – contains his proven Principles of Sales Greatness will help you convert selling skills to buying motives and urge you to a higher, helping purpose of every day.

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