Kiss That Frog – audio

Kiss That Frog - audio

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12 Ways to Turn Negatives into Positives

Imagine that the negatives in your life are like ugly frogs.  You’re surrounded by them, they make your life miserable.  But what if, like the princess whose kiss turns the frog into a handsome prince, you can turn those ugly frogs into fulfilled dreams.

The fact is, it’s the way we handle the negatives in our lives that determines our happiness and our level of achievement.  Do negative thoughts and emotions control you?  Or do you control them? Instead of letting negative attitudes poison your thoughts and hinder your level of activity, why not find a way to embrace them and turn them into constructive strokes of good luck.

Get ideas on how to:

  • Instantly change your attitude about something
  • Cut mental obstacles down to size, where you can squash them
  • See the best in others (everyone has a few warts, after all)
  • Transform any challenge into a stepping stone to success
  • Develop the confidence to reach your unfettered possibilities

In this dynamic audio recording, success master, Brian Tracy, gleans the best ideas from his thousands of talks, seminars, and books to give you the power strategies you need to achieve whatever you want in life.  He is joined by his Daughter, therapist Christina Tracy Stein, who adds practical step-by-step techniques to overcome challenges.  Together they deliver  12 concrete ideas to turn negatives into positives.

Is there a frog in your life?  Just kiss it!  And watch your dreams come true.

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