Killer Presentation Skills – DVD

Killer Presentation Skills - DVD

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1 DVD video (84 min) - 2009 Free Preview Clip    




Say Goodbye to Fear, Sweat, and Speaking Anxiety

Learn to implement the 3-step technique used by JFK, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and other great speakers to persuade & inspire audiences of 10 to 10,000!  Regardless of how you perceive your abilities as a presenter, chances are you engage in the same counterproductive actions and beliefs as 95% of all public speakers today.

Actions and beliefs you acquired long ago, and have worked against you and your audiences ever since. But have you ever wondered how some speakers stand out from all the rest?

The truth is, great speakers are not born, they’re trained, trained in a set of simple physical behaviors known in the speaking business as “The Skills.” Doug Jefferys has been training professionals from all walks of life in The Skills for over 15 years, and is now making his career-changing techniques available to you in this entertaining and engaging 90-minute video.

Doug demonstrates that we only BELIEVE we fear public speaking because our most common behaviors when in the spotlight produce exactly the same physiological responses as when we are genuinely facing a life-threatening event. In other words, whenever our brain senses a potential threat, in this case the classic scenario of finding ourselves “one against many”, the body responds with the same chemical preparations to deal with the “threat” as it does when you blowout a tire at 70 MPH.

You’ll learn a unique 3-step training process that takes you from a speaking zero to a speaking hero by simply modifying three things that you’ve done since your first stand-up book report in grade school. But beware: the power that comes with this new-found comfort and confidence can be intoxicating–and it’s available to literally anyone who learns the technique and runs with it.

No self-hyphosis, no fuzzy neuro-reprogramming, no reliance on “positive thinking” exercises that fail at the worst time. You have nothing to lose. Watch it today–deliver tomorrow!

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