Keys to a Better Life – DVD

Keys to a Better Life - DVD

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How to Transform Your Reality
Through Goals, Focus & Belief

Imagine it’s one hundred eighty days from now, and your life is dramatically better. Your health, relationships, and career goals are all falling into place. You’re making more money, and feeling more at peace with yourself. You’re excited about your future, while living in the present. This can be your reality, as you implement the steps Michael Wickett outlines in this captivating program.

First you’ll discover what may be holding you back. Then you’ll embark on a journey towards creating your ideal compelling future, and learn the time-proven, critical steps for making your dreams a reality. You’ll also discover the power of forgiveness, how to change your perceptions, and how to be more focused than ever.

Whether you are already living your dreams, or could you some inspiration, this program will give you the tools, direction, and motivation to transform your most important aspirations into realities.

Michael Wickett is one of the most dynamic motivational, inspirational speakers in the world. His explosive enthusiasm combined with powerful, practical ideas have gained him great appeal among professionals across America. In addition to his authoring several best-selling audio learning programs, Michael Wickett has created specific training programs for various industries in a variety of topics. His areas of expertise include customer service, communication skills, increasing sales, customer retention, team building, and personal development, Michael is in high demand as a business trainer, seminar leader and personal coach. His impressive list of clients includes Ford, 3M, AT&T, Goodyear, IBM, and Hyatt Hotels. Whether working with a small team, or an auditorium with 5000 people, he consistently gets rave reviews.  Download Note Guide

In this program you’ll learn to:

  • Create a more compelling future than ever before
  •  Focus your mind to become positively programmed
  •  Change the perceptions that are no longer serving you
  •  Create 100 life goals that will fuel your motivation
  •  Develop new levels of belief in yourself and your dreams

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