Jet Pilots Don’t Use Rear-View Mirrors – audio

Jet Pilots Don't Use Rear-View Mirrors


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Back by POPULAR DEMAND!! The original 1981 recording of “JET PILOTS DON’T USE REAR VIEW MIRRORS!” by Joel Weldon, first heard on American Airlines as a “Business Seminar in the Air.” That year American Airlines received over 2500 letters of thanks in response to this message! It’s chock full of timeless truths on looking ahead, not back!

At the speed of business and change, you need to think creatively and innovatively.  Just like the pilot of a jet craft, you have to be looking ahead.  Goals like flight plan and know your ETA.

“Fuel up” on good ideas on topics like:

  • Personal Growth
  • Dealing with Change
  • Attitude
  • Management
  • Be a leader, not a boss
  • Potential
  • Remove the limitations on your thinking
  • Goals

Joel uses humorous stories and interesting anecdotes to illustrate his points and to generate “ah-ha” moments as you grasp the concepts.


Full time professional speaker and seminar leader.  Graduated HS 1959 in the part of the class that makes the top half possible.  Construction worker.  Became top-producing sales professional and leader.


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