Japanese 1 Language Course – audio

Japanese 1 Language Course

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16 audio CDs, booklet, etc.


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Learn Japanese the Easy Way — Just Listen!

Japanese is spoken by about 130 million people, 122 million of whom are in Japan. There are also speakers in the Ryukyu Islands, Korea, Taiwan, parts of the United States, and Brazil.  This program teaches a polite level of Japanese, which is appropriate for use in most situations in Japan.

You’ll be speaking and understanding in no time flat! Japanese Phase 1, Lessons 1-30 includes 15 hours of spoken language practice and one hour of Culture Notes in thirty, 30-minute lessons.

One hour of recorded Cultural Notes are included at the end of Unit 30. These Notes are designed to provide you with some insight into Japanese culture. A Culture Notes booklet is also included in PDF format.

Includes: 30 Audio Lessons (Lessons 1-30) on 16 Audio CDs / User’s Manual / Culture Notes / Carrying Case.

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