How to Tell Compelling Stories DVD

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The Inside Secrets to Memorable Speaking & Presenting

Career Success = Awesome, Compelling, Storytelling Skills!

Do you deliver business presentations? Stories are the best way to explain the complex, motivate and train. Learn how to tell life-changing, career-building, awe-inspiring and sales-inducing stories. This is the skill that will guarantee you a competitive edge. Good Stories that are interesting, memorable, and that illustrate a message have the power to…

  1. Inspire & Motivate
  2. Teach & Train
  3. Convince & Persuade

When an audience of one, or one thousand, listens to your stories they must:

  • Find them interesting
  • Have an emotional connection
  • Find the lesson to be learned

In this DVD & CD combo with Bonus Articles, you will learn:

  • Where great stories come from
  • Techniques that make stories dramatic and memorable
  • Two simple & powerful story formulas that will NEVER let you down
  • Delivery techniques that make you look like a true professional

You also have the opportunity to view, enjoy and learn from numerous examples from Patricia’s live speeches that illustrate the key points. These are the exact techniques that will make your storytelling great!

“In my 10 years in sales and marketing Patricia is the most dynamic, charismatic, and knowledgeable
speaker and coach that I know.”

Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing,
Unitech America, Inc.

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