How to Get, Keep & Deserve Your Customers – DVD

How to Get, Keep & Deserve Your Customers - DVD

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1 DVD video (125 min) - Jan 2004 Free Preview Clip    




Potential customers are all around you when you learn how to find them. How can you find new customers and have them keep coming back year in and year out?

Learn from the world’s most “electrifying” speaker, Patricia Fripp, how to get, keep, and deserve your customers. You’ll develop a new communication skill-set and get dozens of exciting ideas to help you find and retain new customers and clients.

You’ll increase customer loyalty and develop skills your competitors wish you didn’t know. This video program will motivate your employees and increase their commitment to the goal.

You’ll learn how to make yourself indispensable to your client and discover easy ways to promote your business in the high-tech, low-tech and no-tech world.

In this program you’ll learn:

  • Opportunity does not knock once, it knocks all the time
  •  Your key to connection is conversation
  •  Why you should do something for nothing
  •  The three types of customers you want to get
  •  How to make decisions today for long term success
  •  The real sale is after the sale
  •  The secret of “box of donut” consulting
  •  How to tap into your customer’s sphere of influence
  •  Exceptional customer service leads to new customers
  •  Questions that emotionally connect
  •  What your customers can’t resist
  •  Three little-known networking techniques
  •  The lowest cost, most beneficial advertising
  •  Creative, shameless sales techniques

“This is the perfect DVD to show at your internal meetings.  Even if you can’t hire her in person, you can  benefit from her energy and ideas.”   —Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association

Includes: DVD, Audio CD, and Valuable Bonus Articles (To access bonus materials – put in computer, open folder, then double-click on PDF icons to open.) Please note: the content of the DVD and CD is the same; this way you can watch the DVD and reinforce the ideas with the CD while you drive.

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