How to Design Eye-Catching Copy – DVD

How to Design Eye-Catching Brochures, Newsletters, Ads, Reports, And Everything Else You Want People to Read - DVD

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Good Design Should Speak to Your Readers and Keep Them Involved, Interested, and “Into” Your Copy…

Do you want to increase the design and readability of your newsletter, blog, brochure, report, or website? Whether you are designing a family newsletter, creating a business website, writing a blog, or publishing a major magazine, you can use the skills and techniques in this program to improve readability and impact.

You’ll acquire the special skills to assemble your headlines, text, and graphics so that they catch readers’ eyes and elicit the response you want. Discover the difference between a layout that’s boring and one that “begs to be read!”

Ads, newsletters, blogs, press releases, even number-heavy reports and proposals, all of them will benefit from the design guidelines and techniques you’ll gain in this skill-packed program. You don’t have to be born with an eye for design. Anyone can learn to be more creative and effective in designing eye-catching materials.

You’ll learn:

  • Simple graphic devices that increase readability by as much as 200%
  •  A foolproof “recipe” for a basic layout, and how to embellish it with your own graphic “ingredients”
  •  Where to position your most (and least) important elements
  •  To effectively use borders, boxes, frames and rules, what’s creative and what’s just “busy”
  •  How to visualize your reader and then design graphics that accomplish your objectives with that reader
  •  Why most people don’t want to read your copy
  •  Relevance, Confirmation, Action – how understanding the 3 stages of readership can help you persuade people to read your materials from beginning to end
  •  6 rules to achieve balance consistently from page to page, spread to spread
  •  Design grids – what they are and how to use them to achieve informal, playful or conservative layouts
  •  The difference between readability and legibility – and how they contribute to your design’s success or failure
  •  When to use italics, boldface, ALL CAPS, Serif and Sans Serif typefaces
  •  How to use images, clips, and graphics to “hook” your reader
  •  3 techniques to help you generate ideas on demand

Good design doesn’t just happen. It takes special skills to assemble the headlines, text and graphics of a printed page, online newsletter, ad or blog—to catch a reader’s eye, and elicit the response you want. Once you learn the basic design skills taught in this complete seminar on video, you can apply them every time you need to communicate ideas swiftly, clearly and effectively.

Over 3 hours of DVD video instruction. Includes a free downloadable workbook.

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